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Smith's Multi-Wood Prime #660-301
Smith's Multi-Wood Prime
Chemical Name:
Epoxy Sealer

Detailed Product Description:


Smith’s “Multi-Wood Prime” (also known as “Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer”


or CPES) consists of a tough, flexible resin system in a solvent blend which


dissolves the sap, oil and moisture found in wood. 



The resin system is derived from natural wood resins and develops a chemical


adhesive that bonds the wood fibers to themselves.  The resins from each form


a bond which prevents coating adhesion failure.  The wood is thus strengthened


while allowing normal expansion and contraction with changes in temperature


and humidity.



Paint or varnish will last longer because the paint has a strongly attached, chemically


compatible surface to which it becomes bonded. 



It performs the multiple functions of promoting topcoat adhesion, neutralizing wood


acidity, sealing surface porosity, impregnating sub-surface porosity, blocking tannin


bleed, resisting coating failure, and toughens a soft surface so it can be lightly






When repairing wood that has mild dry rot, the CPES will migrate along the abnormal


porosity which dry rot fungus creates within the wood, as long as it continues to be


fed in.  Impregnation of wood with CPES changes the cellulose of wood into an


epoxy-impregnated cellulose composite which resists further attack by fungi and


bacteria while reinforcing the wood, accomplishing restoration.  The long working


time (pot life) of this product provides a long penetrating and moisture-dissolving period.



The Technology:


Other primer formulations have not kept up with the changes effected by governmental


legislation which forced topcoat manufacturers to remove key ingredients because of


environmental issues.  Additionally no other primer was ever able to fully impregnate


the porosity of old, weathered wood and new, sound wood.  Also note that most of the


lumber being sold today is not of the same quality as it was when the original primers


were formulated.



MultiWoodPrime is designed to impregnate wood.  It has an extremely low viscosity—


virtually like water.  All of the product goes into the wood, gluing the fibers together. 


Total immersion of the wood is optimal.  In some cases immersion is not viable, such


as when the individual components of the millwork have already been assembled. 



Application Notes:


Application may be by brush, roller or immersion.  Spraying is not recommended as


a portion of the solvent component will evaporate in transit.  When applying by


roller on a vertical surface, hold the roller only horizontally and slowly roll only


upwards.  Keep rain or dew away from areas being treated with CPES until solvents


have evaporated out of the wood.  This will take at least a day and may take a week


or more, depending on the extent of deterioration, how deeply the CPES soaked in


and the daily temperature swings.



When treating rot inside sound wood, drill a hole that intersects the rot, glue a funnel


in the hole, and use the Cold Weather Formula to impregnate the region.  Allow sufficient


time for solvents to diffuse and evaporate out of the wood before applying fillers or glues.


Removing paint from all sides of wood to be treated speeds solvent evaporation, as does


moving air.



Mix Ratio:


1 part resin (Part A) to 1 part accelerator (Part B) by volume



Pot Life:


4 hours at 86˚F


8 hours at 68˚F


16 hours at 50ºF



Full Cure:


2 days at 86˚F


4 days at 68˚F


8 days at 50˚F





Combustible mixture.  Keep from flame and ignition sources.


Use with adequate ventilation.





Half-Gallon kit comes packed in pair of 1-quart cans









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