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Titebond Fluorescent Cabinet Glue #205-603
Titebond Fluorescent Cabinet Glue
Cabinet Glue

Detailed Product Description:

By adding a fluorescent dye to Titebond I, the discriminating cabinet maker is

afforded a simple way to achieve professional results.

This unique product contains a dye that, when viewed under a black light, makes

invisible glue lines visible.Invisible glue residue and bleed-out that previously

would have ruined a stain or varnish application is clearly visible and easily cleaned

up before it dries.

This glue dries clear and has all the same mechanical properties that you love

about standard Titebond glue.

Bond line strengths of up to 3,000psi are possibleógreater than the strength

of most woods.Cleans up with water, strong initial tack and fast setting to

reduce clamp time.




Comes in a 32 ounce plastic squeeze bottle

Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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