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SeaPack Saltwater Purification System #490-103
SeaPack Saltwater Purification System

Detailed Product Description:

SeaPack removes pure water from the sea and transforms it into a drink that is high in calories to provide life-sustaining energy.  The passive system is portable, compact, easy-to-use and low in cost.  During an emergency situation at sea, reliability and simplicity are vital.  SeaPack makes a survival drink from any available water supply—salt water, brackish water—even muddy water.


SeaPack works by forward osmosis through a semi-permeable membrane.  The nominal pore size of this  membrane is 3-5 angstroms.  The size of bacteria range from 2,000 to over 500,000 angstroms.  The smallest viruses are 50 to 1,000 angstroms.  To put this in perspective, if SeaPack's membrane pore is compared to the size of a dime then the smallest bacteria would be larger than a two-car garage.


Key Features:

  • Converts seawater into a life-saving drink

  • Very safe and highest purity levels available in point-of-use filtration

  • Lightweight & Stowable

  • No foul tasting chemicals or contact time requirements

  • Does not require power or pumping; unlike reverse osmosis pumps there are no complicated mechanical parts to break and no expensive filters to maintain

  • No clogging or fouling problems inherent in reverse osmosis filtration systems

  • Great for life rafts, ditch bags and ocean kayaks



  • System includes 1 Seapack filter, 5ea. 4oz. syrup charges

  • Output: 1.05 pints (1/2 liter) every 5 hours at 68° Fahrenheit

  • Filter Life: 10 days

  • Uses osmotic pressure (forward osmosis) instead of hydraulic pressure (reverse osmosis)

  • 200 times more accurate filtering at the .0005 Micron level (5 Angstroms)—conventional hand pump systems only filter to the 0.1 Micron level

  • 3-year shelf life when stored below 90° Fahrenheit





Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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