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Plexus Plastic Cleaner & Polish, 13 oz. aerosol #401-131
Plexus Plastic Cleaner & Polish, 13 oz. aerosol

Detailed Product Description:

Plexus was originally developed for the aviation industry specifically for cleaning and

protecting aircraft windshields and painted surfaces.  It is actually specified for use on

the B1 Bomber. 


Because of the ability of Plexus to seal the pores in plastic surfaces with a micro-thin layer

of a specially-formulated shiny, protective wax, the surface becomes resistant to damage

by debris, scratches and yellowing.  It is also anti-static which further repels dust and lint.


Plexus leaves no smears or smudges—just a lustrous, clear and brilliant finish like no other

cleaner on the market.


Ideal for vinyl rear windows on convertibles, helicopter and aircraft canopies, goggles,

helmets, LCD computer screens, big screen televisions, window tint films, and even

headlight covers.



Available packed in 13 oz. aerosol container.




Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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